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    I hope he liked his painting

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  5. i met this one girl who had crazy thor/loki thirst & asked me what my ship was & i’m like



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    That awkward moment when I just can’t muster the energy to read Darcy/Loki fanfiction because yeah, I’m one of those fans who believes “Why can’t you ship it the way I ship it?” but also because so many fics

    1. Go into uncomfortable territory (nearly all involving torture or Odin being all too happy to punish Loki via Darcy as proxy ) with no real sense of closure and basically no payoff

    2. I feel like with so many writers they either make everything Darcy say to be light-hearted or snarky comments or have her speak way too seriously and grim without a single line of comic relief. Either way, it’s maddeningly OOC

    3. Asgardian traditions sounding too familiar to modern traditions and not enough like space vikings.

    4. Too many stories on Loki and Darcy doing things that literally any other couple could do. (If the series is more of a slice-of-life type, I’m ok with that, but seriously this is the line of stories that has faraway kingdoms and magic and my OTP is complaining about cookies they burnt)

    ahahaa this partially sums up how tashi and I have felt since 2011. Good fic is so hard to find and as a result I don’t even try to read any Darcy/Loki fanfic anymore

    i’m so happy andrea & i aren’t the only ones bcos we’re not being deliberately pretentious or possessive over the characterization of darcy, we’re just wondering WHY it’s not the kind of darcy we see on film? bcos it’s right there, there’s your ref, why are you putting someone else’s personality into her? list 1-4 A+!

    if u find good fic pls rec me bcos thirst 

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    Mmmmnope. [pbs]

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